Gottselig Elite is a unique player in the Fitness & Nutrition industry, taking a holistic approach to providing services that will leave you stronger, looking healthier, and performing better. We provide our clients with services in the Fitness, Nutrition, and Sport Specific training fields. Our goal is training through progression and education in each of our services. We want all of our clients to become independent in their health, fitness, and sport training endeavours, and we aim to accomplish this through fun, safe, effective, and consistent repetition and practice.  Please scroll through the options below to explore. We look forward to hearing from you!



Strong. Fit. Happy.

We offer online, in-home, and in-facility fitness training for all levels. Whether you are completely new to fitness training and don't know where to start; have been training for years and are looking for something more; or an athlete wanting to maximize your performance potential with an Athletic Performance Program - we tailor to your needs through SMART goal setting and execute a plan that will get you the results you want.

Green Goodness


Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Make the change that you have been waiting for in 2020! Sign up for Pro Coach Online by clicking the link below and begin your weight loss journey that has proven results. Our very own Nutrition Coach is Precision Nutrition Certified, a world leader in the field. 

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!


It Starts Here

Enter here to maximize your potential and find out more about what we offer and why people are buzzing about Gottselig Elite Basketball. Individual, Partner, and Team Basketball Skill and Concept Training; Elite Skill Development & Exposure Camps; Club Basketball Teams; and Athletic Performance training specific to basketball players. Basketball is an extremely dynamic sport and we use a holistic and progressive approach by establishing, revisiting, and building on the fundamentals - challenging our athletes to exceed their expectations of themselves to accomplish their goals.

Go Team


Positive Productive Performance

Boost the productivity and performance of all of your employees and create a positive, healthy work environment for everyone. We offer Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching to office and business settings through presentations and services designed to enable your entire team to become healthier through physical activity and nutritional habits. We develop a specific plan based on your groups needs. Contact us today to get started.




Everything Matters

We train and educate teams of all levels in sport nutrition and sport-specific athletic training. Contact us to find out more about what your team is missing in their training and start doing the "little" things that make the BIGGEST difference in team performance outcomes that help win championships.

Martinis on the Bar


Live Your Best Life

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Coming 2020!

Gottselig Elite uses Nutrition Coaching Software using a client-centred approach. Its ease-of-use makes it ideal for online coaching that clients can access 24/7, from anywhere in the world! So you don't miss a thing on your way to your ultimate goal!



A Family Business

At Gottselig Elite we are passionate about what we do and sincerely care about client performance and success. Since 2016 we have been working closely with our valued clients in order to provide them with exactly what they need to look, feel, and be healthier, perform better, and discover their potential. We believe changes don't happen overnight, that habits take time to establish, and are committed to long-term development for all. Our goal is to create a stronger, healthier and more knowledgeable community in each individual we work with, and do what we can to help them reach and exceed their goals



The Gottselig Elite team is comprised of qualified health, fitness and sport specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals.


Certified Fitness & Athletic Trainer
Basketball Skill Development Coach
Former Professional Athlete

Troy holds a Certification in Personal Training through the American College of Sports Medicine and a Bachelor of Physical Education through the College of Kinesiology and Sport at the University of Saskatchewan. Coach Troy founded Gottselig Elite Basketball in 2016 after a 6 year Professional Basketball career in Europe and expanded to incorporate fitness and nutrition in 2018.


Certified Nutrition Coach

Lindsay recently obtained her Nutrition Certificate from world-renowned Precision Nutrition and has been managing our business since we started in January 2016. She has an extreme passion for helping others achieve their health goals and a broad knowledge of how food affects the body. She became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2012 from the University of Saskatchewan.


Certified Cutie

Alexander joined the team in October 2017 and has been an integral addition to our business! Alexander keeps us motivated in our journey to be the healthiest parents we can possibly be in setting a good example as positive role models for our family, our clients, and our community.



Word on the Street

"We are truly lucky that we contacted such a dedicated professional and look forward to more growth of our young men. Our boys have improved ten fold training with Gottselig Elite and will only continue to grow. The desire to train with Troy showed like with no one else."

Joe and Sue Yakmission - Parents

"Coach Troy has improved my basketball mindset and game immensely. From correcting my form, to developing my handling, he has enhanced every aspect of my game. His way of adjusting his coaching to adapt to each players style is what truly makes him such a great coach. Thanks to his coaching, and support, I am now on the starting line-up every game at my high school."

Priya Alamwala - Athlete - Grade 10

"I can't say enough good things about the Gottselig Elite Camp - from nutrition and weight training coverage, to learning skills that will actually translate into real-world games, to insight of what it takes to have a successful career in basketball - they cover it all. All of this info is coming from several pro players, and other highly-skilled trainers and coaches. You will not regret having your children attend this camp!"

Jeremy Brehm - Parent

Sunil made the competitive club team and was 1 of 300 players who tried out to make the team. He is so happy. Thanks again. My kids believe it is a lot to do with your coaching. And we do too!

Sandra Alamwala - Parent

Troy would take time out of his evenings to come out and watch our sons play high school ball, to observe, record video, and take notes during the game on points to work on during the next one on one session with our son.


I learned what my strengths were and what I could improve on. The coaches gave me the ability and confidence to take hold of my future as an athlete!

Brody Glover - Athlete - Grade 11


Building Consistency & Confidence Through Knowledge, Repetition & Practice



Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

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