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Are you exercising regularly but not seeing the results you want? Feeling sluggish and wishing you had more energy? Athletic performance stalling? Tired of restrictive diets and calorie counting that offer only short-term weight loss solutions? Whether your goal is to lose weight, have more energy, build strength, improve athletic performance or set a healthy example for your kids, we will help you get there.We’ll break your complex nutritional goals into small, strategic daily practices that add up to significant body transformation. You’ll develop healthy habits that become second nature and last a lifetime! 


Every client has unique preferences, lifestyles, and challenges. Lindsay will work with you to customize a plan and keep you accountable in achieving your goals without feeling like you are being deprived of the foods you love. We have both one-on-one coaching and online coaching options available. Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

We recommend that clients with a goal of losing weight commit to nutrition coaching for approximately one year. This is not another ‘diet’ that results in temporary weight loss that is re-gained after ‘going off’ the diet, but rather a method of learning new skills and habits that simply become the new normal. Although many clients do see results quite quickly, all good things take time and research has shown that 12 months is what it takes to make permanent changes. 


"    Month 1: Weekly 1-hour meetings

$299 (includes consultation, email correspondence, support documents and check-ins)


"    Month 2: Weekly or biweekly meetings based on client preference & needs

$199 - $299 (includes email correspondence, support documents and check-ins)


"    Months 3-12: Biweekly or monthly meetings based on client preference 

$149 - $199/month (includes email correspondence, support documents and check-ins)


"    Additional meetings (1 hour): $70


"    Guided grocery store shopping: $60

Learn how to walk through the grocery store aisles with confidence and a thick coat of armour against front of package labelling. Available for local clients.

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Precision Nutrition

Coming to GE January 1, 2020

Our Certified Nutrition Coach uses a unique and easy to use software called Pro-Coach. This software enables our clients to receive the best possible coaching and training available, 24/7. Pro-Coach is designed with the client in mind and uses a client-centered approach - delivering research-backed curriculum with proven results. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on vacation...Pro Coach has you covered! Discover more here.